Black Poison and Shared Wounds

by Israthoum

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released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Israthoum The Netherlands

Israthoum is a channel for the absolute Darkness

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Track Name: Necromancer's Fugue
Necromancer's Fugue

Only through ways of self-flagellation
could one achieve this soul-refinement.
Pity you, the slumbered ones
that worshiped the first cognoscent barrier
and never knew the inner-self;
never met the wish of perfection;
never dreamt of what laid underneath.

Rebellion is the echo of our words.
What are words without echo?

Better never being born
than betraying oneself to favour nothing!
But pride is drunken with vanity... suffocating.
Death is no sufficient punishment
in the eyes that no longer see.

Lyrics: VxInfr/W.uR, 2009
Track Name: The Unravelling Traveller
The Unravelling Traveller

Of my hoarded tales
You, well of spines
Where mixtures swell their viral vines
A re-occurring dream that creeps between the lids
Ringing through the stars like bone-bells
Priests in vermin form sermon the serpents
Muscled lovers cower into weeping coils

Nervously whittling
The frayed ends ebb
unwinding slowly
into the abyss
World on a knife-edge
Is this madness
Is this death?

Trapped in this fear-like death
Death... Trapped in this fear-like death...

Unravelling fast
These tattered sails
Lost to the storm

Tied to the mast
The prodigal fear
Waits on all shores

Rivers mouth their prayers in the dark
Cities sway with secret smiles
All the roads knew what I know
I am their broken music from destitute windows
I'm falling apart
I am coming undone
I'm loosing the plot
I'm losing it...

Lyrics: Kvohst, 2009
Track Name: The Presence, the Beying
The Presence, the Baying

A dense dark cloud of Evil
a sense of an opaque lurking
an eye within an eye
the arrow, the archer, the enemy
through me it stares at you
through me it breathes
black poison, moving closer
to be constantly there, component
Perpetual substance, soul former, allegiance
Against the stream like a doomed animal
One sole goal, one sole greatness
The grand opponent of mankind
The deceiver of Eve
Breaking through the soul of man, becoming it
From within its inner void, far from salvation
There is no god above
There is no divinity under
All is subordinate
And a weapon to His will

Lyrics: Arvath, II/VI 2008
Track Name: Burning the Sephiroth
Burning the Sephiroth

“These be they who are unclean and Evil, even the Distortion and Perversion of the Sephiroth; the fallen restriction of the Universe, rays of the coils of the stooping Dragon.”

I know naught of the quietness
Thou hast shown me Thy steps
and through me, shall Thy name be known
Give me the strength to submit the forgetfulness,
within affray of thoughts and unshattered flagellations…
May I cross the flames untouched.
Sound the dissonant trumpet
Longer than a thousand putrid breaths
The stench of hollow faith is unbearable…
Sown ashes on a dead soil
Caricature of rebirth, mother’s filth.
Feast for maggots!

Lyrics: VxInfr, 2006/2009
Track Name: Devil Bacchus
Devil Bacchus

Malicious delicate poison
Brain expanding madness
Infernal blood flux monger
Pirate of the sea of self-destruction
Ravish bones, dilute my blood!
Cut deeper the sedated flesh
Fertile fiend and scornful ally
I felt you hissing from within
Cut deeper the sedated flesh
Ah bliss - the burning taste
The sweet flavour of damnation
which I devour from this skull chalice
Demon, from your stone realms dispensed
May I be the grave you seek
Drown me in your kaleidoscopic trance
For you are the true ritual catalyst
Exhale ammonia through this vessel
Propagate your destructive ethylic waves
Together we celebrate the descent
as you guide me into an abyss of no return
A new cold, a new cosmos
Where my veins are the sordid path of Doom

Lyrics: Arvath/Corruptor, V/XII 2009
Track Name: A Birthmark of Unexistence
A Birthmark of Unexistence

And there I came
Strolling in the vast labyrinth
Welcomed by the blind
And the walls have trapped faces
In a putrid reflection of pain

A ticket to nowhere…
Entangled with a glimpse of a closing eye
A birthmark of unexistence
(it) dwells in the tunnel

Dabh Damnum
…Stall from the Devil
Infernal… no way out
In unisound voices from the ground
Burn it down
Burn it all down

Lyrics: VxInfr/W.uR, 2009
Track Name: Procession of Demented
Procession of Demented

Looking down at the transparent globe
Filled with turbid water and black stench
An uncontrollable madness of opposite poles
Interconsumptive self-destructive eels

A procession of demented crawls down
From the temples of deceit
Sickening laugher and noxious light
Like a shut eye in the land of the blind

Breeding towards utter doom
Converted to the ways of Thanatos
In a constant perverse flirt with Death
Sharing wounds, inviting disease

These are truly His legions
Unknowingly speaking backwards
Sheer recitals of the Devil

Lyrics: Arvath, VI 2007
Track Name: Eradication Psalm
Eradication Psalm

Aço! Infindáveis florestas de sucata
Nevoeiros industriais e lamas ácidas
Ventos de pedra… tempestades de morte
Rios defuntos e poças de peste
Coisas que se arrastam… grunhidos, urros, dor, castigo
Osso partido, corpo esvaído
A lua diabólica sangra a sua raiva
O louco uiva deleitado- para os poços, para os poços!
Já aquecem as fornalhas
O Planeta-Túmulo exige o sacrifício
E faminto devora toda a sua criação.
O vazio. O silêncio. Finalmente em paz.

Lyrics: Corruptor, VI 2007