Channeling Death and Devil

by Israthoum

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H.L. "Channeling Death and Devil" is a complex audio work. It is evil, sinister and definitely no easy black metal listening. Maybe not as progressive or psychedelic as Leviathan or the like, but similar disturbing. If you like pure blackness without softening post black metal or even gothic elements, check this one out. The songs may need some time to unfold their full virtuosity, but it is worth to be patient and listen to them repeatedly! Favorite track: Acquiescas Fata.
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zloboh this is black metal, how it should have been since the beginning!
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Gematriel I've been eagerly waiting for this. Lives up to my expectations. Great work once again Israthoum. Also, thank you for the lyrics, not everybody shares them.
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released July 28, 2017



all rights reserved


Israthoum The Netherlands

Israthoum is a channel for the absolute Darkness

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Track Name: Channeling Death and Devil
The dreadful legacy of man, from myth to myth | From the old bewitched crones in respect, to the less enlightened ones, projected as lore | Yet utterly feared by the reasonable animal within | With an occult following for so many centuries | A reflection in scorched circles… | It’s radiant fierce beauty welcomed as a Deathlike fear | With a sword in one hand and in the other a torch, He rises from mountain to mountain watching, standing high | Among the angels the most gifted | He that rose, won and forever grew stronger | Prince of exile, close to the unjust fate | King of things, author of all | Thou art god’s mysterious ways | Thou art god’s impotent hands | Supreme power and glorious intelligence | Eternal dator of evil and everything wrong | May my soul rest beside thee in Death | Below the tree of knowledge | At the hour when its branches intertwine | I welcome this new timeless time | Praesta omnípotens deus infernus eternae | Quaesumus, dómine crudelis, méntibus nostris infúnde | Nostros animos tibi dedimus, liberius | Magnum est nomen tuam, impios sunt vias tuas | Persequabuntur, blasphemabuntur, et eorum patientur | Qui vivis et qui regnas cordibus plurium
Track Name: Laceration of the Pliant
Crossed the harshness of blessed wastelands | And cut the veins of its madness | Only to rejoice with trembling | The searing instruments of my own belief |
Ritual ascension, descent of the mind | Through these eyes everything has reached its ripeness and hate is far beyond words… | Patience is that of a turbulent sea | Vexed Nimbus, crown upon mankind | Blessed is he who torn his soul | Into a thousand pieces | Until none was left to commend
Track Name: Between the Maze and the Turmoil
Rarity of rarities | Lost reason of whom passed the tunnel and washed his fear with a mask | Tore down the essence of the soul to reshape the ideals of vanquishment | ...mirror back the scented dust through this chain-swinging vessel | Time is written in ghost-lights and we are all but welcome guests in the circus of agony | Time is written in ghost-lights and we are all but welcome guests enclosed in marbled centuries of black blizzards | The chain has become (too) heavy | The air, thick as blood | The dagger of abhorrence has made me blind to sufferings... | Again...far too long | Dead black coal valleys and bone shrines await between the maze and the turmoil | Here oceans are deep, lightless | Of deathlike coldness and sepulchral silence
Track Name: Drudges of Ruination
Delusive god, great nothing of so-called wonders | Miracle-impostor in every affliction of mind and body | Corrupt are all your martyr-saints with sin and depravity | Enslaved by the rot and failure spawn through your flesh: a fruitless charade of ill-fated power and ruination | Nothing more than the mysterious right hand of the Devil
Track Name: Walls of Penitence
[PART I: The Baying] | As if words turned to flies in these halls, something took the shape of shadows and burdens the half smothered breath | It is the shadows, it breaks the flesh | The claw of perdition dragging down | Down into the dark void home | A bleak threat fills the air and cancels one’s will | No escape from where the stairs lead to | All senses pinched by contradiction | Subdued by a morbid flux towards evil | And betrayed by one’s own limbs | No return from where the stairs lead to | Petrifying without face nor shape | All that is Darkness creeps between these walls
[PART II: The Presence] | I’ve been wandering beyond the old trees | We have met many times before… | You’ve seen me in the mirror, shapeless | Beyond the reflex, the shadowy creep | Again you felt my senectuous presence through those dark and desolate corridors… | the ones your mortal body dared not walk | Your gasping for air… | All that is Darkness creeps between these walls | You’ve been walking with me all this time
Track Name: A Bleak Fulgency in Splendour
Snake, emperor of this world, to Thee the might of this time! | Usher the diaspora to perdition | Guide us, as the festering splinter in god’s ever tearful eye | Evil be done, Thy will be done! | Achromatic intolerant force, breathing silently across all | From thy hands we have received the gift of malice, the greatest of gifts | Bestowed upon us whilst rejoicing our wicked souls in your realm our home | A bleak fulgency mesmerized upon its prey | Held by neither mercy nor distraction | Sent to devour like a pack of voracious wolves | We (proud sinners) cursed ourselves to stand by Thy side | To tempt and mislead the creation, to evolve through actions and devotion | Oh multiform horrid being of no boundaries | Our slithering tongues and mouths proclaim Thy glorious ascension into this world! | May the earth be our temple, may these eyes be Thine | We are the stench that will fade the light from the earth! | And you shall hear of wars and rumours of wars | For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be pestilences, and famines | Now all these are the beginnings of sorrows | Then they shall deliver you up to be afflicted, and kill you | And then many shall be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another | Ecce ego mitto vos sicut lupi
Track Name: Well of Bitterness
Praise to Thee | Lord of Perdition, Pernicious Angel | Disperser of mankind | High above all nations of the earth | Spare them not the scornful glimpse nor Thy fiery wrath | Forgive them not the idolatry of stone and wood | so they may drink the wine of affliction from poisonous grapes | May their tongs struggle in sand for their selfish prayer and feel the drought, scorching fever and blood boil | under Thy light | Have them curse the fruit of their mother's womb | and drain agape from the well of bitterness | Deceive and hinder through me | Lend me scythe and arrow | for I kneel and bleed only for Thee
Track Name: Acquiescas Fata
Sickness of Ouroboros, a parasite of itself | One step forward, several back | Set in a Nature indifferent and cruel towards its own | Failed into the infinity of the all-consuming desire | Intrinsically marked by the negation of being | Behold and admire the nothingness of man in the universe! | And thus accept the natural course of the universe: the end | In victorious opposition we can only welcome life to witness its demise | Lifeless, crawling, headless serpents | descending, obnoxious, pointless vanity | senseless, deforming, spineless serpents | Every heart a temple for misery to spread, each soul a tomb of self devourment | Moribund crawlers, a stream of rats who follow the deceased light of hope | Falling far beyond rock bottom, abstruse whimpers dribbling back into the chaos of fire | Acquiescas fata! | From behind the majestic veil of Death we have reached so much further | So much further than the boundaries of earth, flesh and soul | Subversively standing above and in radiance we chant that the true Deity needs no crown other than the slaking breed of god | Moribund crawlers, acquiescas fata! | Swarming vermin, acquiescas fata! | Acquiescas fata!
Track Name: Turn Stone To Ash
Come… Come… Serpent of the watery deep | Bring forth legions of forsaken fiends | To storm under my will | Ravish those whom I’ve marked | Welcome this destructive force | Through your abysmal realm of Chaos | Grant me your horrible plagues | Slowly inject, nauseating, the absence of colour and light into those infected limbs | May their bones feel more burdened and old | With each step, through every shudder | Come… Come… | With this fire I shall put ablaze | Make them breathe disease | Sulphur catalyst, ashes of consummation | Wreak harbingers of Death | Take away all redemption | May those lips be sewn shut against me | May those bodies weaken and tremble before me | May those minds decay within their skulls | Turn stone to ash! | May their world collapse around them | May their hearts long for my forgiveness, which they will never have | Turn stone to ash! | Ixala ax antu ant allu ant kala | Destroy!